Product & Services


Product & Services

The product and services we provide is selling properties that are bought below market value, add some value to it and sell it by the market price or let it to the public. Is a product that has been in existence for a long time but has always been a need in the market as people need a place to leave. Is one of the safest investments you can go into as is a physical product that is highly impossible to lose money when you buy right. Our strategy formula includes any financial risk that can possible happen to the economy as well as enough budget for any unforeseen circumstances so chances for losing is zero because we will always buy right. The target market is people that are having financial difficulty, for example relationship break up’s, repossession and landlords desperate to sell due to financial problems. We will be fishing places where there are lot fish in the sea to be able to meet our business objectives.

Property Investment Advisory

Elysian Properties Partners are leading independent property investment experts that specialise in delivering exciting property investment opportunities to private individuals, corporate and institutional investors that offer significant income and capital growth potential. Through our extensive network of property and investment professionals, property owners, developers and investors we can identify compelling off market opportunities for our client’s consideration.

Property Asset Management

We believe that successful property asset management combines strategic thinking with specialist knowledge and experience to identify, unlock and deliver hidden growth potential from property assets. Our experienced property asset management specialists work hard to ensure that those important values enhancing opportunities identified during pre-acquisition are delivered to improve property asset values.

Landlord and Tenant

Landlord & Tenant is a specialist area of property law that deals with the rights and duties of both landlords and tenants. Our Landlord & Tenant experts recognise that tenants looking to lease commercial property will generally seek security of tenure, good lease flexibility and value for money, whilst property owners and commercial landlords will seek to maximise investment values through improvements to covenant strength and optimisation of revenue streams.

Property Management

Expert hands-on property management services can add real value to any investment property or portfolio. Proactive management in this important area helps to build good landlord – tenant relationships, it strengthens income and cash flow management processes; and ultimately works to enhance “bricks and mortar” asset values. Good property management is an essential component of any successful property investment strategy and if implemented correctly can help to safeguard rental income streams and positively impact property asset values.

Property Training

Learn from some of the UK’s leading property experts with Elysian Properties Partners. We have developed a comprehensive series of insightful, hands-on property training courses designed specifically for property investors and developers. Our range of property training courses cater for candidates at all levels of experience, ranging from new investors through to experienced property investment professionals, developers, financial advisors and wealth managers.